Hella Summer Quidditch: An Intro

Hella Summer Quidditch

First things first: if you were looking for an MLQ replacement, you’re in the wrong place. This is not it. I started conceiving of this last summer, back when I was still running an MLQ team that I thought wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted something to supplement MLQ, not replace it.

Not everyone wants high level, intense summer quidditch. If that was the case, we wouldn’t have had to beg people to try out. We would have had a full roster and practice squad. We might still have an MLQ West. (But probably not. The issues were far bigger than any one team.)

I started thinking about what I wanted. Casual quidditch. Something for everyone. Low stress. Something like the hockey beer leagues some of my friends play in. Competitive enough that games matter, but not so much that people got heated over it.

Basically, I wanted a fantasy tournament that went all summer long.

A summer long fantasy model and why I think it’s what we need right now

First of all, so much credit goes to Beth Peavler and the Texas Secede League for creating a summer league that gives the people what they want. I can’t pretend this idea is original. City-based teams work in Texas, where the talent pool is both deeper and more spread out than in Northern California. For us, we needed something that suited our needs better.

One thing the Argonauts did was elevate players on lower level USQ teams. There is no way in hell SJSU would have qualified for US Quidditch Cup 11 if the core of the team hadn’t spent a summer or two in MLQ. Summer quidditch and exposure to players outside your own team helps new players improve.

On the other hand, I think the Argonauts helped kill off the Skrewts. So much of the team was busy with MLQ that we neglected our USQ team. We didn’t hold summer practices. We stagnated. And now the Bay Area’s original community team is gone.

Fantasy teams don’t practice, but community teams can and should. College players and other newcomers to the game can crash those summer practices to get the improvement they would have otherwise gotten with an MLQ team.

And because this is a summer long fantasy… who says we have to limit it to local players? Sure, all the games will be local because I want to stay home this summer, but if people want to come up to the bay a few times a summer to join us, why not?


Hella Summer Fantasy will consist of a fantasy tournament each month from May to July, followed by an August championship. Players will stay on the same team all summer. Players will encouraged to attend the practices of local community teams, but will totally be allowed to set up their own practices if they’re so inclined. (The more quidditch, the better, I say.) Teams will be drafted fantasy style rather than being limited by geography. Games will take place in the Bay Area but not be limited to Bay Area players.

Fees will be set once I have a general idea of numbers. Fields and refs don’t pay for themselves, nor are my staff and I putting in the work for this for free. Hella Fantasy has been $10 per player in the past, and with that in mind, $50 for 5 summer tournaments sounds fair. I just need to crunch the numbers to be sure that works.

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