Past Events

2019-2020 Events

Let’s Get This Bread! Bowl

The California Dobbys brought on BKQ to host their first ever home tournament. The event featured cross-pool play between three NorCal home teams (California Dobbys, Cal Quidditch, and Silicon Valley Vipers) and three SoCal visitors (Anteater Quidditch, the Long Beach Funky Quaffles, and the Lost Boys Quidditch Club). After being swept in pool play, the Vipers rallied to go undefeated in bracket play to face the Lost Boys in the final, where the SoCal squad won the match and attained the grain with a perfect record on the day.

NorCal by Northwest 2

BKQ returned to Portland for the second edition of this event, once again geared at bringing Northern California and Pacific Northwest teams together to kick off the season. Vancouver’s Storm Crows and Vipertooths entered the tournament for the first time, joining last year’s competitors: Cascadia Quidditch, Rain City Raptors, Western Washington Wyverns, Bay Area Breakers, and Silicon Valley Vipers. The Storm Crows took the trophy home to Canada with an undefeated run.

2018-2019 Events

Best Coast Classic 4

Best Coast Classic has been inviting teams that didn’t make the cut for US Quidditch Cup for four years now, giving lower tier teams a meaningful event to practice for to end their season. Seven teams participated: SJSU Spartan Quidditch, Stanford Quidditch, Sacramento State Swarm (unofficial and have participated in every BCC), Silicon Valley Venom (Vipers unofficial developmental team), the California Dobbys, and the Arizona Scorpions. This was the Scorpions’ first out of state tournament and they took first place.

SoCal Showdown

SoCal Showdown

This event was geared toward giving teams that had outstanding requirements for US Quidditch Cup 12 on last chance at fulfilling them. The Lost Boys, Funky Quaffles, and Fighting Farmers took each other on in a slightly modified double round robin. No official winner was declared but this event ensured that the Lost Boys and Farmers could attend nationals. This was BKQ’s first remotely run event, with Kendrick Ushera-Surrell fulfilling the role of onsite USQ certified tournament director.

Subdued Excitement 4: Revenge of the Snitch / SJSU vs Dobbys Scrimmages

Subdued Excitement 4

While the Barcelos Bowl featured one Canadian mercenary team, Subdued Excitement 4 was BKQ’s first truly international event. Elizabeth Barcelos travelled to Bellingham, WA, to run this tournament, which featured the three USQ Northwest teams and three Quidditch Canada teams from the Vancouver area. The Barschedule was once again utilized to determine a true tournament winner while also helping teams get unique games instead of only playing their usual neighbors. The Rain City Raptors took 1st place at this event.

Concurrently, BKQ organized matches between SJSU Spartan Quidditch and the California Dobbys to help the latter team fulfill their at large requirements. These games took place in San Jose, CA. This was assistant tournament director Maddie Forte’s first event as lead onsite BKQ staff.

Barcelos Bowl

Barcelos Bowl

SJSU Quidditch (with an assist from their neighbors, Stanford Quidditch), brought on BKQ to run a winter tournament to fulfill a variety of needs: quality competition for higher ranked teams, experience for lower ranked teams, unique games for teams traveling from out of the state/country, and game requirements for teams that needed them for regionals.

The effort to fulfill the competing needs of seven very different teams led to the creation of a new scheduling method: the Barschedule. (See our Resources page for more information). The Bay Area Breakers won this tournament.


#LadyCamp Schedule

BKQ was invited by Ramare Hopkins to execute her vision of a femme-focused training camp, the first of its kind in the sport. Sessions stretched over four weekends and featured a variety of guest coaches.

Knight Gauntlet

Knight Gauntlet

SJSU Spartan Quidditch brought on BKQ to run a developmental tournament for lower tier teams the Sunday after Skrewts Memorial Cup. It was named in honor of Emily Knight, SJSU Quidditch’s founder. The Spartans defended their home turf and won this event.

Skrewts Memorial Cup

Skrewts Memorial Cup

This tournament was held in honor of the recently defunct Silicon Valley Skrewts. The three NorCal community teams took on three SoCal teams in cross pool play to earn a spot in the 3rd or 1st place game. The Long Beach Funky Quaffles won this event, their first tournament win in their program’s history.

NorCal by Northwest

BKQ’s inaugural event. Three Northern California community teams travelled to Vancouver, WA (a suburb of Portland, OR) to take on three Northwest teams in a cross region clash. The newly formed Bay Area Breakers won this tournament.

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